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Green Peak In The News

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    The Globe and Mail (Flaum/Immen) PDF
  12. New Study Finds Nice Guys Finish First When It Comes to Performance –
    Chief Learning Officer (Flaum/Winkler) PDF

Green Peak Thought Leadership

  1. Green Peak Partners is tapped by Stanford Graduate School of Business to teach hiring best practices to MBA students: Green Peak has teamed up with Stanford professors to expand the curriculum on ‘Managing Growing Enterprises’ to include the critical skill of hiring strong talent.
  2. Exploring the shift in Private Equity investor mindset: Potential investors into private equity funds feel ill-equipped to evaluate PE teams – even though “people” dimension of managers is now of greater investor concern than investing strategy.
  3. Green Peak/ Cornell University Study: ‘What Predicts Executive Success’: This Green Peak Partners study shows that conventional wisdom is wrong – and that leaders who possess strong soft skills perform better at driving hard results.
  4. Get What You Need: Green Peak Partners takes an in-depth look at surviving the economic downturn by enhancing your leadership skills, invigorating your teams, and focusing your company’s direction.
  5. Let’s Talk About Your Most Expensive Mistake: Studies show that a mis-hired executive can cost up to 15 times the executive’s annual salary. Green Peak Partners outlines the consequences of making a costly hiring mistake.

Green Peak Press Releases

Executives’ interpersonal skills correlate directly with bottom line according to a new study done by Green Peak Partners1

  1. Green Peak Partners and Capricorn Investment Group complete survey of LP Investors: Green Peak Partners surveyed 27 family office and endowment funds to gain new insights into the shifting dynamics of their capital allocation process.
  2. Green Peak Partners and Cornell University conduct study on ‘What Predicts Executive Success’: Executives’ interpersonal skills correlate directly with bottom line according to a new study done by Green Peak Partners1 on the success of 72 top executives.


1Referenced study done in collaboration with a research team at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.