Green Peak


Partnering with Green Peak brings a clear recognition of where an individual or organization is today and a roadmap for what they might become. The work is rigorous, measurable, highly collaborative and transformational. Engagements often include the following service categories:

Organizational Assessment and Development – “aligning the organization for growth”

With our Organizational Review, Green Peak assesses organizational health and provides a practical blueprint for accelerated growth, during diligence or post-close. Investors want to know how strong the team is and how capable the organization is to achieve the investment thesis, before they cut the check. This service surfaces the human assets and landmines and gives them the comfort to proceed. Sound diagnostic expertise coupled with strong interpersonal facilitation transforms teams, provides structural and Org chart alternatives, develops succession plans, creates a culture of performance, and positions companies to win. Ongoing, Green Peak provides tools and services to monitor organizational health and proactively address the inevitable challenges that arise.

We implement a proprietary, research-based, real-time leading indicator of organizational performance. These user-friendly survey tools enable senior teams, boards, and investors to understand what aspects of the organization are positioned for success, and where it is at risk of underperformance.

Our organizational assessment tools are for companies that want an objective, leading indicator of an organization’s health and future performance. Most assessments out there only offer lagging indicators of organizational health. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, companies require real-time information about what’s working, what’s not working, and what’s changing inside the company.

Employee engagement is just one facet of organizational health and far from the only factor that drives company performance. Companies use our assessment tools to identify the critical barriers to performance and solicit the most promising ideas for improvement from across your employee base – and then connect those solutions with the leaders who can drive their implementation.

Talent Assessment – “getting the right people in the right seats”

Green Peak’s individual assessments take an in-depth, data-driven approach to determining fit against a role-specific management scorecard. The result is highly accurate talent identification and ensures effective C-suite hires. After matching individual to role, Green Peak continues with executive onboarding to foster early momentum.

Our talent assessment service is ideal when evaluating finalist candidates for a key executive role when the cost of a mis-hire is dire. We help companies “predict the future” and reliably understand how well a candidate could accomplish a set of specific goals within the next 18-36 months. Finally, we help them draw a roadmap for how to position a new leader for success, including what tradeoffs to make and how you can augment likely failure points.

The typical company successfully hires an A-player into a key role 52-58% of the time; Green Peak’s accuracy rate is over 90%. We achieve this accuracy rate by working with clients to co-create a specific scorecard, aligning stakeholders around the key accountabilities against which a candidate must succeed. We then conduct an in-person, one-on-one interview with each candidate in order to build a comprehensive and conversational walk-through of their background. Following the interviews, we prepare an assessment report, with an analysis of how the candidate is likely to perform in the role, recommendations on how to proceed, a graded scorecard with commentary, discussion of the candidate’s career goals and motivations, and a set of strengths and risk factors relative to the specific scorecard. 

Talent Development – “unlocking transformative change for individuals and teams”

Much of Green Peak’s work revolves around significant growth in individual leaders. 360-feedback programs foster an ecosystem of leadership accountability and transformation. Executive coaching, delivered by Green Peak’s certified experts and change agents, empowers leaders to do more, be better and improve bottom-line results. Team-wide coaching programs foster seismic shifts for both individuals and organizations.

We are brought in to maximize an individual’s leadership or build team effectiveness. Our talent development programs are especially useful when an A-player leader must make tangible, measurable progress on key development areas or when a successful leader is transitioning into a role of increasing seniority or complexity.

Our intensive, customized executive coaching programs are designed to support the coaching client in achieving individual transformation while driving increased results for the client’s organization. We typically kick off with a 360 Feedback Program. The resulting report becomes the jumping-off-point for creating detailed action plans and focusing the coaching.

Our high-touch, retainer-based coaching program includes regular in-person time and consistent phone-based touch-points over a six month period. While we primarily focus on the individual being coached, we provide value for most major stakeholders through team sessions and facilitated one-on-one interactions as needed. Our program includes both pre and post-coaching evaluation to measure progress and results. 


Green Peak is a trusted resource for Fortune 500 corporations, private equity firms (and their portfolio companies), investment managers, and non-profit organizations.

Green Peak is proud to have completed hundreds of complex projects while maintaining a reputation for sustainable, bottom-line results.

Over the last two years, we have repeatedly leveraged Green Peak’s talented team – and their no-punches-pulled approach – for our most important assessment, leadership, and organizational opportunities.  We have seen significant improvement with several of our stars and that alone was worth the price of admission.

Kevin Taweel, CEO

Asurion (a Berkshire Partners, Welsh-Carson, and Madison Dearborn Partners company)