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Divining Talent - Interview with Becky Winkler

Becky Winkler recently appeared on the "On Life and Meaning" podcast with Mark Peres. Follow the link to Mark's site to hear Becky discuss the art and science of assessing executive talent and her life as a consultant. Click here to access the episode.


  • Becky explains her process for identifying and recommending talent to private equity and corporate clients.
  • She shares the aspect of her work that is a constant playground.
  • She discusses the five enabling elements of learning agility and the one disabling element that gets in our way.
  • Becky assesses her own talents as a corporate psychologist.
  • She responds to the question of whether she is like the fictional Wall Street psychologist and performance coach Wendy Rhoades.
  • She talks about working with clients who are 'masters of the universe.'
  • She shares how reading people professionally is very different than reading people personally.
  • Becky reflects on her life growing up and the influence of her mother and father.
  • She talks about the impact of losing loved ones and their presence in her life.
  • She explains why she chose her fields of study and how she found her way to the work she does.
  • Becky discusses the particular challenges and opportunities women executives have in their path to success.
  • She shares the trade-offs of living life 'up in the air.' 
  • Becky shares what happiness and success is for her.