Green Peak’s work and insights have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Private Equity International and more.

Take a deeper dive into the videos and articles below to learn how we are eradicating average for our clients.

The “Superpower” of Top Leaders in Crisis

Several years ago, Green Peak published an article in the Harvard Business Review on the importance of learning agility – an invaluable “superpower” - in individuals and their ability to thrive as leaders in challenging environments. Improve Your Ability to Learn On the surface, John looked like the perfect up-and-coming…

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Organizational Assessment and Development

“aligning the organization for growth”

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Talent Assessment

“getting the right people in the right seats”

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Talent Development

“unlocking transformative change for individuals and teams"

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JP Flaum – Dare to be Exceptional

“helping leaders eradicate average”

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Our Clients

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Divining Talent (podcast)

Interview with Becky Winkler

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Coronavirus Resource for Bold Leaders: 12 Specific Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Whether you are a CEO or an investor, your best leadership is clearly required now, and I admire each of you who is stepping up. I have had quite a few urgent coaching calls this week with CEOs seeking to respond as effectively as possible to the actual and perceived…

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The Real Reason You’re Average – How Exceptional People Got That Way

How to ‘Declare the Unreasonable’ & Achieve Extraordinary Success. Imagine arriving your freshman year at Princeton and declaring that you will be the No. 1 crew rower in the country by the time you graduate, despite having no interest from a coach who has already filled his elite team with…

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Dispelling Common CEO Myths: Six Lessons for Private Equity Leaders and Portfolio Company CEOs

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Does your new investment have a ‘scary basement’? Organizational Due Diligence is the secret to creating value in M&A.

John thought he had done everything right. This was his third investment as a Principal and he followed the FirmVest playbook to a “T”. His Quality of Earnings opinion was solid, critical legal questions had been resolved, and the market diligence supported a bullish case on demand accelerating faster than…

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Are You Hiring Enough ‘Trouble Makers?’

Many leaders confuse rapid growth with agility. To be clear, selling more widgets, getting more users, and operating more efficiently are great things and will help you to grow (more profitably). Keep doing them. However, organizations as well as leaders that are truly agile are constantly improving and even reinventing themselves. They challenge the status quo…

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Green Peak in HBR: “How Private Equity Firms Hire CEOs”

J.P. Flaum and the Green Peak team partnered with Jeffrey Cohn to understand how leading PE firms make their most critical hiring decisions – CEOs in their portfolio companies. The findings were shared in the piece “How to Avoid Mistakes When Selecting the CEO: Lessons from Titans of Private Equity”. This…

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